La Table: A 60s Inspired Sustainable Approach to Tableware

     It's been over three months since we launched our Madrid Food Delivery, which served as our stepping stone in Europe. Now we've launched our tableware collection "La Table",  bringing us a step closer to helping people dress their tables from head to toe. Sitting around an all-so-classic table with a white tablecloth, white plates, and transparent glasses, we were left wondering “who sucked out all the fun out of dinner tables?” Don’t get us wrong, those pieces will always be staples, but they do leave something to be desired. We realized just how unwelcoming tables had become and wanted to make products that would allow people to dress their tables as a way of personal expression, connect people and draw them in right from the start. This is where our motto comes from  “setting the table is a routine, dressing your table is an art.”

Groovy placemat and Lola chocolate plate

La Table's exclusive Groovy tablecloth, along with the Beldi glassCerinza placematLola chocolate plate and the Bistrot Ivory cutlery set, all ready to dress up Gabfoods' delicious and beautiful food delivery.

     Prior to this new venture, however, we had another thing clear: bring the sustainability movement to “table fashion.” Seasonal table decor is left behind, and timeless pieces for any time of the year lead the way. It wasn’t an easy task, but one we’ve deemed necessary. We carefully hand-crafted an array of products that allowed us to do just this. Do more with less. Working with brands that share the same values as us has been crucial throughout this process and together with these incredible brands, we put artisanship over mass production and accountability over mindless consumption. 

     Each culture and country has its  own approach to artistry through their weaving and dyeing processes, painting styles, color choices, among others,  and we wanted to bring all these unique properties to the table. Our collection includes products from Turkey and Spain (core to our Gabfoods DNA) but we embarked off to countries like Morocco, Mexico and Colombia as well. Mola Sasa, Siedres, Anim Living, Magnetic Midnight and Los Encajeros are just some of the incredible brands we’ve created exclusive collaborations with, all women and all with the same shared purpose! 

     Transparency with our products and with what we do is crucial to us, and we hope to achieve this by telling the individual stories behind our products. For our recent collaboration with Mola Sasa the tableware was handmade by the indigenous Kankuamo Community in Colombia and the community leader, Indira, was even the source of inspiration for our products’ name: “Indira Tie-Dye.” 

Indira tie-dye orange tablecloth

Indira, the community leader in Colombia who inspired our newest tie-dye orange tablecloth.

     As with the tie-dye products, most of our collection is inspired by the 60s, an iconic decade synonymous with fun and self-expression. Especially with our Shagadelic Collection with Siedres we hope to bring the 60s groove back into your kitchen and make every meal just as enjoyable to cook as it is to eat!


 Funky 60s exclusive Shagadelic apron

Who said cooking had to be boring!?

     In a gist, we want to give people the means and inspire them to create the most beautiful tables, all the while making a positive impact on our planet. Sharing a meal is fundamental to connect, and we want to bring this lost connection back into everyone’s lives with our products. Life gets busy and chaotic, setting the table becomes a routine, but a simple change in perspective can make your table the epicenter of your home and a way to connect with your loved ones. Trends change and fade, but we hope Gabfoods’ products stay constant on your table.

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