Gabfoods Summer Wellness Hacks

Summer is just around the corner and we’re all trying to do our best.  We are not about crazy, drastic diets that make everyday life seem impossible, instead we follow a series of small habits to help us feel our best.

1. Reduce Refined Foods

Buying processed foods can lead to people overeating way over the amount of salt, fat, and sugar recommended.  These types of foods are also higher in calories due to the high amounts of fat and added sugars that are added to them.  There are endless benefits to cutting processed foods out of your diet, such as slower aging, less headaches, a faster weight loss process, and an improved brain function, who doesn't want that? 

Our philosophy is all about natural, nutritious, empowering foods.  We make meals that are nourishing and easy to fit into everyday life.  We believe that we believe that a big part of the wellness wheel is a nutritious, wholesome diet that helps better our long term health.  Our goal is to fully take advantage of what nature has to offer, to appreciate the unique properties of everything that goes on our table; and ultimately to respect both the environment and ourselves.

2. It’s all about the morning routine.

Kicking off the day on the right foot is one of the most important things in order to thrive. As soon as we wake up, our brains are swamped with a to-do list, which can sometimes make us feel overburdened, which is why it's so important to take a deep breath and kick ourselves into gear for a minute.  Journaling or performing breathing exercises helps us prepare for the day that lies ahead and enables us to increase our overall productivity over the course of the day.  

Our ideal morning routine is the following, crank up the music, whip up a matcha banana smoothie and fill up on energy.  For the mornings when you are not in such a time crunch and have a little more to spare, we encourage you to pick up a notebook and write down your thoughts, the goals you would like to achieve that day, and become more mindful and empowered in your life.  Building a morning routine that works for you is key to help create healthy habits, boost your energy levels and combat forgetfulness.

3. No screens, move a little.

We spend all day in front of the computer, the weather is nice and we cannot go home to watch TV.  There have been countless studies out there that have found decreased screen time and more physical activity to be associated with improved health.  From hours and hours of staring at our laptops and phones, our eyes and our bodies are strained, so we need to reverse all the damage by physically getting out and staying active.  It doesn't make a difference if you want to go for a walk with your girlfriends or train for a marathon, as long as you keep moving.

If you find yourself in Madrid, we have prepared a small guide to get to know the city better, we urge you to give it a try!  As it is a city that is best experienced outdoors, you can go by foot or by bicycle, it wouldn't change as long as you get to discover the area.  The Gabfoods fam loves to take our favorite meals from Gabfoods and bring them to take away in the Retiro Park, a beautiful atmosphere with healthy food, we can't think of a better picnic plan. 

4. Get some vitamin D, but ALWAYS use protection!

Summer is upon us and we want to suntan and enjoy the beautiful outdoors, but there is no reason to compromise your health to achieve that perfect summer glow.  Here's a Gabfoods fam tip for you, which you've probably heard before, but, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, use protection! 

We strongly recommend using SPF all year long, but especially while enjoying the beaming rays. Always remember this is about getting healthy, damaging our skin and potentially risking a serious medical condition is not worth it for just a little tan.

5. Work hard, play harder.

After spending the majority of our weeks cooped up in the office working, setting career goals and trying to not fall back with the latest trends, what about a relaxing afternoon with friends? Or a funky get together?  We’re all about working our way to the top, but we’re also about enjoying the weekends, so invite your friends and host a Gabfoods perfect event! Here are some tips and tricks to help you host an event while being a busy, busy gal.

Hope you enjoy our 5 summer wellness hacks, and remember, we’re all about helping each other out, so feel free to comment more hacks and share with the Gabfoods community! 

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