A Letter From Gab: A Night With GUCCI

Dear Gabfam, 

It’s been almost a year since my love for creating, entertaining and gathering people became my full-time job through our Gabfoods caterings so I thought I’d do a little reminiscing with you about one of my most memorable events to date.

When I was asked to do the catering for La Veste’s Capsule collection for Gucci Vault, I immediately went down the creative rabbit hole of my Pinterest boards I love so dearly (if you know me you know that I can’t live without my Pinterest boards); imagining the tablescapes, décor, food, flowers, the overall vibe I hoped to evoke and anything else that sparked my creativity. From these Pinterest boards, I usually end up with hundreds of ideas ruminating in my brain and am eventually able to create a mood board and visual representation of the vibe I’m gravitating towards.

After exploring the many options, menu and tablescape ideas were born and crafted further with my dear friend Gail who never fails to create visual representations of my visions:

I wanted to distill La Veste’s vintage magic into every aspect of the event by creating something beautiful, authentically vintage and slightly eccentric too and basically just to radiate FUN.

Keeping with the vintage theme I knew I wanted to take everything a step further by creating a table dedicated to just cakes that would have everyone’s inner child screaming of joy.

The tables included a precise repetition, row by row of pieces from La Veste’s collection and other authentic vintage pieces I managed to get my hands on while scouring the internet. We even had a lady hand deliver her grandmother’s cake holder to our showroom before the event!

The outcome—a glamorous vintage high-tea for a modern day 70’s brand. It was an afternoon of fun-filled conversations, guests enjoying our gluten-free French and Italian delicacies with Julio Iglesias’ Se Mi Lasci Non Vale and soft piano tunes playing in the background. All senses were engaged and everyone’s smiling faces signaled that our hard work had paid off!

The days and night leading up to this picture-perfect day, however, were not nearly as glamorous. They involved many, many hours of searching for the perfect pieces, countless meetings, changes and many other inconveniences along the way. The day of the event itself I was running on close to no sleep at all but the excitement for this day gave me all the energy I needed. I think people assume that because of what we project on social media everything moves forward smoothly and quickly but that’s definitely not always the case.

So, was it tiring? Yes. But the love for what I do is my golden ticket to staying fresh and motivated for all the projects to come (and we’ve got many more exciting projects I can’t wait to share so stay tuned)!

Thank you to Gucci, my friends at La Veste, my team and everyone else involved in the creation of this incredible event—it was truly a picture-perfect dream come true.

If you want some of this vibrant fun in your own home make sure to check out our tableware collection too! And if you liked hearing about this event, check out the portfolio of our other events here.

Big hug, 

All pictures by @letirovira.