Gabfoods Takes On Dior Beauty’s Caterings

Gabfoods has been fortunate to accompany Dior Beauty over the past two months to different events in Madrid, where they unveiled their new collection of fragrances, La Collection Privée, to a variety of Spanish talents.  We first visited Gabriela Palatchi's house in the heart of Madrid, followed by a trip to Aranjuez to Jorge Parra's beautiful palatial home.  Gala Gonzalez was an amazing hostess in her Justicia apartment, while Teresa Cuevas did us a favor by letting us join her in the opening of her most recent art exhibition.

Gabriela Palatchi

Gabriela Palatchi, founder of Gabfoods opened the doors to her home with some of her closest friends for an interactive table inspired by a French bistro, full of delicate details in honor of one of France's most elegant brands.  Her guests enjoyed a fresh steak tartar accompanied by a delicious creme fraiche with salmon roe, artichokes and a varation of cheeses. When it was time for dessert, no friend of Gabriela's was left untouched when she brought out a full-size chocolate mousse enveloped in a pink ribbon.


Jorge Parra

Artist Jorge Parra invited Dior Beauty and Gabfoods to his palatial home in Aranjuez, where he treated his friends, all decked out in chic pajamas, to a brunch in order to unveil the new collection of Dior perfumes, La Collection Privée. 

As per Parra's wishes, the brunch kicked off with eggs benedict served with bloody Marys.  These were followed by a divine paté en croute, smoked salmon, and a heavenly creme fraiche with salmon roe.  The main dish was roast beef with potatoes and horseradish sauce.  Gabriela's famous pavlova was the highlight of the event, the circular meringue-based dessert garnished with wild berries, providing a playful twist to the historic home.


Gala Gonzalez

Gala gave us a tour of her beautiful apartment and allowed us to entertain her and her guests for dinner and drinks on Friday. For the Mediterranean themed event, we laid a blue and white tablescape with hydrangea in bloom and tangerine to add a hint of color.  

The food elements, such as scallops and the sea bass in a salt crust, contributed to the table décor theme.  They also enjoyed a traditional Galician empanada with a side of fresh greens, as well as grilled artichokes and Galician potatoes. There is no way we could have hosted a Gabfoods perfect event without a delicious dessert, in this case we went with a mouth watering vegan chocolate tart with a dark chocolate and nuts base and Santiago cake served in shells.

Teresa Cuevas

We had the opportunity to accompany Teresa on her big day, the inauguration of her latest art exhibition in Madrid.  We catered a Korean-themed tea party for all the friends, which included mochis, matcha cookies, veggie buns, kimchi rice balls and much more!  The setup, just like Teresa's art, was arranged geometrically, contributing to the cohesion of the event as a whole.


Gabriela combines her passion for cooking with her creative mind to put together these out of the box experiences.  Do you have an event coming up? Fill in your event details here and get your quote from us in no time. 

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