Zimmermann X Gabfoods: I guess we're doing events too!

Summer is officially here and this year we kicked off the summer with one of my favorite brands of all time and one month later and I’m still under the spell of this dream-like event so I thought I’d share a bit more with all of you. 

How it all Started

This June we had the honor of hosting and celebrating the opening of Zimmermann’s first store in Madrid alongside our friends at Futura Projects and it could not have been a more fulfilling experience. The creative process for this event  came quite naturally to me since the brand has always been my go-to when I needed a dress for a special occasion so I knew I wanted to create something both luxurious, romantic and elegant at the same time. We created countless  mood boards and renders to depict various aspects of the event. 

As per our main instruction, nothing could feel artificial or too proper. It had to feel as if every element had always been a part of this house in Madrid’s outskirts. From the gardening, the furniture, the lighting, the lounge areas, the tablescapes, the decor…etc. every detail was picked out with this in mind to ensure that the event was authentic to the original space and Zimmermann’s elegance. 

Over the years, Zimmermann has consistently captured femininity and elegance with its designs and our goal was to capture this same spirit. We wanted to create a synthesis between Zimmermann’s distinguishable romantic prints, the Australian spirit and bring subtle pieces of a classic Spanish summer table into the mix as well. In a gist, we wanted to capture the Australian spirit but with a slight Spanish twist. 

The process was simultaneously exciting and laborious as we worked and communicated with two teams in Madrid and international teams in both New York and Australia, which at times seemed like a logistical nightmare. However, all the incredible teams that we collaborated with made this process unimaginably special. 

gabfoods servicio de caterings en madrid
The project essentially turned into a landscaping project to completely revamp the backyard of the house where the event took place, the space was completely transformed under our creative direction.

evento zimmermann en madrid

The Magic Begins

Deciding on how to cover the two tables that would seat ninety people was certainly a mission. We decided early on that no ordinary tablecloth would do, so we tapped into our crafty side to create two fifteen meter patchwork tablecloths from various upcycled vintage Spanish and French linens. Creating something authentically beautiful and simultaneously repurposing something old and giving it a new life made the tablecloths perhaps the most special piece on the table for us.

Zimmermann madrid event catering

To add a Spanish twist to the tables we worked directly with Spanish artisans in Granada to create colorful handmade ceramics with classic Adalucian motifs that brought touches of summer-inspired color to the table. Keeping to the sustainability of the table and tying everything together were napkins created from leftover fabrics from Zimmermann’s classic floral dresses. 

menaje de verano mesas

Nothing says spring and summer quite like flowers and those created by the talented Mario for both the table and garden perfectly captured the essence of the transition between spring and summer. 

We set the tone for the event with subtle lighting throughout the space, from hanging fairy lights, candles and lanterns. As the guests turned the corner that led to the backyard, they were met by a warm glow of light emanating from the hanging lights above the table and candles that lined the center of both tables. With the lights suspended over the dinner tables and touches of light throughout the space, the tablescapes ready; the event was ready to begin. 


An immense amount of time and preparation went into this event but the moment the sun started to set, the sky turned hues of orange and yellow and Madrid’s heat finally started to cool down and we saw the guests, decked out in Zimmermann’s romantic dresses, conversing around the candlelit tables we were finally able to exhale — we had done it. 

gabfoods gabriela palatchi

Creating an event of this scale is a journey, or so we’ve noticed (did we mention this was our first event) but thinking back at the first presentations and renders, the changes along the way and seeing it all come to life before our eyes makes it all worth it. 

It truly was a dream-like experience to take the reins on this event and we want to give a special thank you to our friends at Area Communication, Carfae Consulting and Futura Project for making this event a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

We have many more exciting events coming up so stay tuned! For now, however, you can take a look at all of our past events here. 

With the end of this event summer is officially here so make sure to try some of my favorite dishes for this summer!

recetas sin gluten para verano All pictures by @letirovira