Siedres X SOHO House: Psychedelic Circus

Dear GabFam, 

As we approach the start of a new year I thought it was the perfect time to come on here and reminisce about our Psychedelic Circus extravaganza with our friends at Siedres and Soho House. It was a night that proved that the eternal allure of 70’s disco is still as strong as ever and if I am completely honest it makes me a little emotional (but also giddy) looking back on the memories from this incredible event. 

Let’s begin the trip down memory lane…

Let the Planning Begin

I love the collaborative aspect of the work I do and hold a strong sense of devotion to those I build relationships with but there was always something extra special about this project. 

I always like to resist the obvious and mundane (If you know me, you know…) so I was ecstatic to work with my dear friend Ceylin again, the founder of Siedres. Her transformative vision aligned perfectly with mine and together we started the initial works of stripping away the “typical box” we are often limited to. The joining of Soho House on this event was like the missing puzzle; who better to bring people together than Soho House itself?!

From the start we took inspiration from Siedres’ pieces and the eternal allure of disco dressing, yet filtered it through the Gabfoods lens. Therefore, fashion took center-stage and color was the foundational inspiration as we set out to curate an immersive psychedelic circus experience in the heart of Madrid.

Siedres Madrid

The inherent magic of the 70’s era created a groovy mystique, enticing guests to discover every aspect of our Psychedelic Circus.

Psychedelic, Shagadelic…

It is not easy to put creativity or my creative process into words—to describe what I imagine, or the process of how to compose each element of an event or the ambiance itself but one word just about summed it up this time–Shagadelic. Shagadelic, a seemingly made-up word that defined the whole creative process behind this project. The mood? Shagadelic. What flowers would be best to adorn the pedestals? Shagadelic. The menu? Make it Shagadelic. Every element in the venue would conjure this very word. 

We presented Siedres’ new collection via a series of recycled colorful furniture that we personalized with fabrics from the collection itself: 

Catering en Madrid

We created a whole “Siedres World”—right down to the canvases on the walls—by reusing the excess fabric from the production of the clothing.

The immersive and colorful melted candle installations that lined every corner of the space were key to achieving the overall ambiance. The placement of the candles wasn’t formulaic but there was strategy behind it. There were a lot of subtleties in the venue we picked and we wanted to make sure we could draw the guests’ eyes to the beautiful areas but leave some negative space to disrupt the continuum; adding a spark of intrigue and visual exploration with each candle cluster. 

There is so much magic behind each piece and it is always in the details. I believe it’s the small details that transformed this venue into something so magical and joyful. 

Tarta sin gluten madrid

The pops of meringue “mushrooms” were carefully arranged to tie together our cake buffet. 

In the end, all the magical decorative pieces came together and found their rightful place and the party could finally begin. Upon their arrival, all the guests seemed to collectively beam with excitement as they scanned the room while the funk-infused house tracks serenaded in the background. 

The Gabfoods Menu 

A circus wouldn’t be complete without the food: S-Shaped pretzels (for Siedres and Soho!), colorful popcorn and tequeños, corn dogs, smashed (gluten-free) burgers and for dessert: “shroom” mochis! All the food was served on circus-like trays personalized by the Gabfoods and Futura Project teams. 

Catering sin gluten madrid

The Cake Buffet

This table was to be a focal point from the start and it was intentionally designed to dictate the central feeling of the space. These four magical cakes came into sharp focus with their intricate details that were perfectly complementary to the shagadelic mystique of the event.

Soho house madrid

It all started with this drawing. I guess the beauty of the process is the mystery of waiting to see it come to life.

The End. 

Once the festivities had concluded and the clocks stuck 12 we slowly began blowing out the candles. It offered a small moment of stillness —a moment to contemplate the incredible night—but the emotive inertia of the night could be felt long after the candles had been blown out. The next morning, as we made our way back to the venue, the color-roomed vintage venue still retained an air from the previous night.

This is the very definition of a Gabfoods event. We hope our events help carry a bit of fun and joy into the “real world” so you can tackle anything with at least a slightly more joyful spirit. 


With the holiday season on the horizon, all I can think about is creating, creating and creating. The onset of a new season always inspires me to take my love for what I do up a notch; I guess there really is something special about the holiday air. 

If you’d like to collaborate please feel free to fill out the form on our website.


All my best, 


All photographs by Jonathan Rodrigo and Paula Trocaola.