Gabfoods Madrid Caterings: Redefining Dining

At Gabfoods, we believe in food as a means of connection and its potential to allow people to share unique moments by pausing together. After our food delivery, our Madrid caterings provided another platform to explore this eclectic range of opportunities for storytelling through food. It was a natural progression that allows us to help fit nourishing food into everyday life on a larger scale. 

In a gist, our caterings link food, art, narrative and atmosphere in a tangible form, filling the need for a thoughtful experience. 

Have you ever walked into an event feeling a little bit on edge, scanning the room for something or someone that would ease this sensation? We want our tables along with our food to serve as a centerpiece that draw people in and act as an ice breaker. Whether you call it the vibe or atmosphere, we want our tables to have an aura that tells an innate narrative by appealing to all senses.

The potential to enliven often mundane events excites us. Knowing that creating food combinations that lock into personal experiences can create unique moments that persist in people’s memories long after the event is over.  

The range of events we cater to are PR events, shooting and private meals but our goal for all of them remains the same: we want our events to make people feel; to disconnect and connect to their present surroundings. 

We strive to create tables that fit every brand and continue adapting our culinary creations to be just as aesthetically pleasing as they are delicious. 

So what’s our secret ingredient? It all starts with the mastermind (or shall we say masterchef) herself. 

Curated by Gabriela Palatchi

Gabriela Palatchi Gabfoods Caterings

Where does the creativity for our events come from? From none other than Gabriela herself. Her love of hosting, cooking, art and all things beautiful have naturally blended with our caterings to conceive unique experiences related to food, combining her greatest passions. 

From hosting and cooking for friends and family, she’s now stepped into this new spotlight, catering decadent events and making work that, still based around healthy, delicious and beautiful food, now explores a unique blend between food and art. 

The inspiration for the unique tablescapes is hard to pinpoint but Gabriela’s creative process for our caterings begins with conversations with the client to reflect not only her creativity but the collaborative relationship with the client beyond all else. 

Her past in fashion has also made a reappearance but instead of designing and sketching dresses, she’s sketching and dressing tables instead: 

Gabriela Catering Sketch

Olivia Barthe Catering Gabfoods

As she always says: “trust the process.” This initial sketch later turned into an edible art piece.

Want to read more about Gabriela? Meet her here.

Art as Food & Appealing to the Senses

Art is a sensory experience; and with these extra layers of taste and smell, we add to the primarily visual stimulation of art. With our caterings we want to blend the line between a sense of a meal to view and one made merely to consume, that maintains the sensory resonances of both, creating a multi-sensory culinary experience. 

The interaction with our food and the intricate details of the table rather than the mere act of eating, are the particular tools we utilize to create a fundamentally different engagement at catering events.  

Fruit as a candle holder or full baguette instead of a vase for your flowers? Sounds a little crazy but these are the intricate details that will keep visitors drawn to our tables. 

baguette as flower holder and fruit as condleholder

Memories that stem from senses are more likely to be ingrained, and we want our events to be just this – memorable. 

Event Highlights

To date, we’ve had the opportunity to work with brands such as Jo Malone, Bare Minerals, Swarovski, Cartier, Loewe and Bang Olufsen just to name a few. Here’s a glimpse of some of our past caterings: 

  1. Alejandra G. Remon 

This catering was created to compliment Alejandra’s book which explores human emotion and our goal was to reawaken the childlike curiosity that rests in all of us. 

Morning: An ode to our (Spanish) childhood breakfasts through chocolate caliente and churros, Galletas María, butter and jam toast…etc. 

Afternoon: An ode to our grandmother’s “aperitivos.”

Alejandra G Remon Catering

      2. Bare Minerals 

For this event catering, we decided to build off of the beauty brand’s foundation color scheme conceptualizing a culinary experience that would encompass all the colors of skin tones. With color, texture and beauty as our focus, we portrayed the uniqueness of human skin.

Bare Minerals Gabfoods Catering

         3. Shagadelic Tea Time with La Veste 

For this 70s inspired event for a 70s inspired brand, we entertained guests with a series of vintage cakes with a cartoonistic aesthetic and to drink our personalized “Shagadelic Poison Cocktail.” This candy land from our dreams had people asking “but wait can we actually eat this?” to which we always answered “of course!” because food should be equally as tasty as it is visually appealing.

Shagadelic Tea Time La Veste Catering

         4. Cartier

If we were to imagine a modern-day reenactment of the Alice in Wonderland breakfast scene this would be it. The stack of mini pancakes and floral shaped raspberry cake provided the most direct access we can have to the world of “Wonderland.”

For this event, the pops of red throughout were crucial to create a synergy between the table, the food and the brand’s distinguishable red color. With an array of romantic food we hoped guests would find solace through the intricate details on the table.

Cartier Gabfoods Catering

        5. Loewe

An event that took us back to our roots. For Gabriela’s Turkish delight masterclass we wanted to create a narrative around the all-classic Turkish treat by allowing guests to interact directly with the ingredients. 

It went a little something like this…

Step 1- Dip your Turkish delights in melted chocolate (the colors were all inspired by the brand’s new line). 

Step 2- Pick your favorite toppings (rose petals, ground pistachio or glitter) and cover each of your Turkish delights.  

Don’t forget to sip your Turkish tea from the typical tulip-shaped tea glass!

Step 3- Box it up and enjoy your personalized Turkish delights at home.

To add to the authenticity of the event, the Turkish delights themselves, toppings, tea glasses and tea were all brought to Spain from Turkey!

Loewe Catering Gabfoods Turkish Delight

          6. Bang Olufsen

A vintage dinner party to appeal to all the senses. For this dinner party, we took a trip down memory lane linking food and memory through music with our old-time classic table. And the food? We decided upon shrimp, a traditional amuse bouche hanging from cocktail glasses, a whole oven-baked chicken that filled the room with its aroma and for dessert a soft and creamy cake. 

Our goal was to transmit a feeling of reminiscence and create a sensually engaging afternoon around the dinner table for all the guests. 

Bang Olufsen Catering Gabfoods

The emphasis always remains on our food but we are excited to not only share our food but to turn it into an all-rounded experience through our caterings. 
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Even if you don’t have an event coming up, remember you can try our catering-favorite dishes on our food delivery. Guacamole arepas, keto crackers, our all-time classic hummus matcha powerballs and more!